Entry into force of the Directive on Better Enforcement and Modernisation of Consumer Protection Rules

  • Posted on Dec 10, 2019

The Directive on better enforcement and modernisation of EU consumer protection rules officially entered into force on Friday 8 November 2019. Member states now have 24 months to adopt the measures necessary for its implementation. The new law updates consumer rights, ensuring consumers will have more information about how online rankings work, especially when they derive from paid placements. The revamped rules also aim to make the use of online reviews and pricing more transparent. Consumers must also be informed from whom they are buying goods or services (a trader, the online marketplace itself or a private person).

More details:
On Friday 8 November 2019, the Directive was officially approved by the European Council. The European Parliament previously adopted the text on Wednesday 17 April 2019.
Please find attached our partner FESI’s initial assessment of the Regulation and well as a short infographic summarising the main issues of interest.

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Next steps:
Member States now have 24 months to transpose the Directive into national law. Once done, the new measures will start to apply 6 months later. With regards to the UK, this may change depending on the outcome of the up and coming General Election and Brexit, but we will keep members informed going forward. If you have any queries relating to the new rules, contact Jane ([email protected]).