The FSPA is the umbrella body serving our trade associations in the UK sports and play industries. With over 100 years’ experience, our expertise means we are the voice of these industries and campaign on their behalf. Our mission is to support our sports and play businesses to achieve their aims. Through our trade associations, we offer a wide range of key business services to our members and a powerful lobbying voice. Find out more

Each of our associations are experts in their specific sector and offer members a wide range of free or discounted business benefits and services tailored to their industry. From events and networking to human resources, industry data to support with marketing – our associations’ benefits package can instantly cover the cost of membership. Visit your association’s site to find out more.

Our close links with UK Government and our European counterparts means we are uniquely placed to lobby on behalf of the industries we represent. Covering Brexit, Covid-19 legislation, standards, exporting and much more, our lobbying activities are focussed solely on our members’ needs. Over the years, we have effected changes which have directly benefitted the sports and play industries and the businesses we represent.

By joining an FSPA association, you become part of a unique community focussed entirely on your sector’s needs. Each association tailors their services to their particular industry. As such, you will become a valued member of your particular association, with the additional peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that your association is part of something much bigger – the FSPA.

If your business is covered by one of our associations in the sports and play industries, you may be eligible to join. Our associations cover sporting goods, PE and leisure, golf and play. You can find links to all of our associations here and each site has a Join Us page.