Our Mission

As experts in sports and play, we are the voice of the industry.  Our mission is to support our sports and play members to achieve their aims.

Through our trade associations, we offer a wide range of key business services to our members and a powerful lobbying voice.

What we do

As the national trade body representing multiple associations, the FSPA serves the interests of manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of sports and play equipment, clothing and apparel.

With nearly 100 years at the heart of the sports and play sector and as the largest trade body in Europe, we work with our members to promote the industry.

Our aims are to

  • Support our sports and play companies with vital and unique business services
  • Promote the UK sports and play sector as a whole
  • Represent we are the voice of the UK sports and play industries
  • Lobby at the highest levels on issues affecting our members
  • Collaborate with key partner agencies and government on behalf of the industry

How it works

The FSPA is an umbrella body which leads and supports its associations.  These associations cover businesses involved in the play industry, sporting goods trade and the golf sector.  This means that member companies get services which are tailored to their specific industry’s needs.

Businesses are first and foremost members of their association with all the customised benefits and support that provides, but they also get automatic membership of the FSPA which offers a broader range of services and lobbying activity.