Having Turned 30 Years Old The BGIA are on a New Mission

  • Posted on Apr 25, 2016

The BGIA (British Golf Industry Association) who are one of the FSPA associations and the lead trade body representing UK manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of golf products and services celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2016.  

To coincide with their big birthday and having conducted an anonymous survey of the membership, the current Executive Board and Chair Nigel Freemantle decided that the BGIA needed a redefinition. They have dedicated time from their last 3 meetings in 2016 to determine a new Mission Statement, a new Positioning statement, new Aims and new Supporting Values. These are outlined below.  

Mission Statement

Representing our members by promoting participation and excellence across all areas of the sport of golf.   Positioning Statement Representing UK manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of golf products and services and providing a united voice for all members, whether large or small. We campaign for sustained growth in value and participation across the sport and supporting industry. The BGIA believes in ethical practice and promotes this standard within our market.  


  • Delivering a comprehensive range of benefits and services to membership through campaigning, lobbying and presenting a united golf industry voice for all members, whether large or small.
  • Supporting and championing growth and participation in the sport of golf.
  • Promoting a culture of ethical, fair practice across the industry.
  • Encouraging the development and delivery of excellent quality, authentic goods and services.
  • Providing members, press and external audiences with valuable data and industry insight, supported by a considered BGIA opinion on what this means.  

Supporting Values

  • Passion – we believe that our passion for the sport of golf, as well as the values that underpin it sit at the heart of everything we deliver as an association.
  • A united voice – we provide a common voice for all members, whether large or small, ensuring that everything we say is based on experience and one clear, industry message.
  • Ethical practice – we believe in fairness, authenticity and the delivery of excellence in all areas of the sport of golf. Growth – we support and champion growth across all aspects of the sport of golf.
  • Benefit – we believe in the benefits that come from a successful industry and increased participation in the sport of golf.
  • Challenge – we’re prepared to challenge and lobby for change in pursuit of a united golf industry

The next task for Ciara Morgan, BGIA Association Manager is to realise the tasks that the board have put in place by not only communicating the new message to the wider golf industry, but addressing a series of quick wins and longer projects that will take the association forward in the direction the membership have decided. In the next few months, this will include:

  • Communication of existing membership benefits to membership
  • Contacting non-members in the industry to share news of this revised message
  • Releasing communication on the new approach and plans for 2016
  • Organising a seminar for members on Consumer Law and Consumer Rights
  • Setting up 2 x new membership benefits (Travel Discounts and Insolvency Practitioner)
  • Update the BGIA application form with an ethical statement
  • Encouraging existing members to declare that they practice ethically  

Longer term the association will look to implement the following:

  • An awareness campaign to discuss the BGIA’s intention to hold a public show at The Open
  • An awareness campaign outlining the BGIA’s views on counterfeiting with Executive Board member’s comments
  • A further survey of the members to test previous activity and review
  • Produce a communications plan for the coming year with measurable objectives

Consultation with the membership on additional resources that they would like to see in addition to the Dashboard Development of a suite of materials for members that set out the BGIA’s position on counterfeiting, innovation, participation and trade shows Identification of ‘top ten’ organisations for strategic partnerships and approach over the next year

Start work on providing the resources requested by the membership consultation – gradual release over the rest of the year  

If you have any questions or comments on the new mission statement and vision or on the plans to take the association forward, please contact [email protected] in the first instance and she will re-direct them to the BGIA Executive Board for comment.

Source: www.bgia.org.uk