Exclusive member offer: free international payments

FSPA partner with one of the UK’s largest Foreign Exchange companies, Moneycorp, to be able to offer our members exclusive rates and solutions.  

Many of our members often have difficulties when trading internationally, especially when looking to invoice in a foreign currency.  Foreign exchange specialists Moneycorp can offer our members a free account, allowing you to trade in up to 34 currencies online and in up to 100 currencies over the phone. As an exclusive offer to FSPA members, all international payments will be made  free of charge.    

A foreign currency account with many banks can take several weeks to be set up, while also charging a monthly account holding fee. Banks also tend to have additional fees when you send or receive funds.

Moneycorp’s selection of foreign exchange solutions ranges from Spot Contracts to more complex products such as a Forward Contract and Currency Options. With these, businesses are able to secure a favourable exchange rate for up to 3 years in advance, helping you to avoid currency volatility.

For more information please contact Andy Medler, Senior Account Manager on 07551 170665 or email  [email protected] 

*All funds are held in client segregated accounts, which means they are separate from Moneycorp’s standard trading accounts.  Moneycorp are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct authority for the provision of payment services.  Safeguarded funds cannot be used by Moneycorp for any other purpose, therefore they cannot use these funds as collateral with their own counterparties to secure their dealing lines.










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